Three Galleries And Then The Latest Casino – صنایع چوبی ایران

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Three Galleries And Then The Latest Casino – صنایع چوبی ایران

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But as usual in Venezuela, there is more than what meets the eye. To begin with, anyone could go to the club house and sit down for lunch.

No membership required, though you need to be able to afford a rather pricey lunch. What caught my attention is that since it is polo season, the small crowd seemed to be regulars and most in jeans, very casual.

Many seemed to know the waiters and were in friendly terms with them, reminding me that in spite of class differences Venezuelans can always communicate at the basic level, something that is not true in other countries.

The installations were a little bit run down in areas, showing that even rich people do not have the resources that they once did.

In other words, even that world is changing, and I guess that the change started before Chavez. Quite an interesting glimpse of a vanishing?

And curiously a strange sense of being subversive just by being there enjoying the moment. Coming back at home, no big news, except for a John Kerry declaration on Venezuela.

Chavez lately had started playing the Kerry card just by attacking Bush and wishing that he loses the November election. But Chavez was probably under the delusion of favorable liberal views towards "his revolution" propagated by the New York Times who claims to be the Liberal beacon.

Readers of this blog, liberals or not, know better than trusting the New York Times. Just a portion of Kerry's statment: The referendum has given the people of Venezuela the opportunity to express their views on his presidency through constitutionally legitimate means.

The international community cannot allow President Chavez to subvert this process, as he has attempted to do thus far.

He must be pressured to comply with the agreements he made with the OAS and the Carter Center to allow the referendum to proceed, respect the exercise of free expression, and release political prisoners.

It seems that Kerry is very well informed. If Chavez has no friend left in the outgoing administration, he should not think for a moment that he will get friends in November.

By the way, I bet that more Republicans play polo than Democrats, but they all seem to agree on Chavez.

Sunday, March 21, In Venezuela only: Chavista oath is more important than Hippocratic oath Purges in the Public Administration Saturday 20, March Today was another day of marches in Caracas.

It was against the usual themes but with a new urgency considering all the repression tales are coming through louder and louder, against the holding of political prisoners.

I did not go to the march, not feeling well enough for the few hours march under the sun. It seems to have been an interesting march, daring to cross some sections of downtown that are supposed to be pro Chavez.

Well, if they are it is not a fervent support. I did not hear of any incident. There is only one significant piece of information that is worthwhile sharing tonight, and it will earn the Health minister the award Vile Person of the Day , and while we are it, the Vile Moment of the Day.

Since I am on my third edition in three days of this award, I should perhaps establish certain rules to make sure people do not think I am doing that out of a mean anti Chavez streak.

These awards will be given to people that have made particularly vile statement going against basic reason or human decency.

The statements need not to be important or have definite implications. What matters is that they reflect the moral corruption of the regime.

And opposition members could deserve such award too in case they lower themselves to levels of the pseudo public servant that we seem to have, though I think that chavismo is on a roll.

The Minister of Health, Roger Capella, has confirmed today that his department would be firing all the doctors and personnel that have signed for the referendum against Chavez.

Questioned twice by a Globovision reporter he stated twice that to sign was to conspire against Chavez and that in any country that is what they do to conspirators.

And he meant it, the tone was right. Gone was the Hippocratic oath. Gone were the years of service for low pay.

Gone were the equality before the law. Gone was the duty of the state towards curing the people above any consideration.

But if this was the brashest declarations on that matter, it was coming from only one of the many departments that started such witch hunting.

This is observed in the workers of the Caracas subway system. Or even in PDVSA where workers that did not join the strike and were hailed as heroes are now fired for having exercised their constitutional right to ask for a referendum.

Fascism, quite simply. Saturday, March 20, We were closed at work so I left at noon for Caracas and I have not been worrying too much about the news, instead listening to opera for most of the 3 hours drive.

There is a march planned tomorrow, not a major one but a meaningful one and I will likely go, if I can find my usual march companions. Tonight the news is in the natural prolongation of the preceding one, and now reaching the first symptoms of breaking point.

Indeed, the biggest pressure that the Chavez administration is experiencing right now is from the International Forum. The only way to escape is to break up with the outside world and it seems that Venezuela is heading that way.

This 5th rector of the Electoral Board, CNE, is the silent one. Actually it was the first time that I heard him talk! And now I know why they do not send him out too often.

He limited himself to repeat what has become the official line, namely that they are waiting for the Constitutional Court to save their butts, but what was particularly interesting was the contempt that could be sensed in his voice.

One could hear all the sourness accumulated over the years against real or imaginary woes. Truly a small, vengeful man.

Carrasquero gets again the Vile Person of the Day award. No contest. Again, as the house is burning, as he is supposed to prepare to obey rulings he refuses to acknowledge, he goes to Maracaibo for some University event, packed with chavismo and faculty looking for chavismo grants, where he will be the guest speaker.

I suppose he needed an ego boost. At some point he declared to the press that the debate is not an electoral debate because signatures are not votes.

Ergo, it is to the Constitutional Court to deal with the matter. And this guy was a law teacher! Back in Caracas, we learn that he started yet another lawsuit in the name of the CNE without consulting the other rectors.

Zamora actually called for a meeting tomorrow to examine all thes emajor decisions taken without his knowledge.

We will see what excuse Carrasquero will come up with in order not to face his colleagues who he has been stabbing in the back for the past 48 hours.

But if his words were a repeat performance he did not look very confident, and avoided direct eye contact with the camera. Perhaps at that moment he was already aware of the bomb that the OAS was going to drop on him.

Taking Carrasquero at his word when he accused the OAS of partiality against Chavez, the OAS representative in Caracas, Fernando Jaramillo writes in a letter sent to EVERY rector of the CNE : "In your declarations, you assert that you have proofs of your affirmations.

Considering the gravity of such allegations, with all due respect I request through this note, as the head of the OAS mission, that you let them know to me, or that you make them public in order to avoid creating confusion among the citizens.

What Mr. Jaramillo says is that in Venezuela Carrasquero and Chavez can get away unjustly accusing people as there is no way to force such people to justify or take back their words.

But the OAS is an international organization and it cannot let such things go by. And Carrasquero cannot fail to put up, or retract and apologize.

There will be consequences if he ignores this letter. Jennifer McCoy of the Carter Center was declaring along those lines too in CNN tonight.

And Venezuela's position is weakening every day as reports of Human Rights abuses keep piling up, in addition to his electoral fraud.

Chavez needs a way out of international pressure. No wonder Mr. Carrasquero did not look too good today.

A small man, dragged into something that is just too big for him. Friday, March 19, A summary of the news from Venezuela Carrasquero and CNE fraud, back taxes on the networks, the case of the missing constitutional case, and a Human Rights report Thursday 18, March Things keep moving.

The coup keeps tightening. Let's forget about some peculiar tax code interpretation that might justify that a company that loses revenue on purpose should be fined.

What about the CADENAS to which we were subjected those days, dozens of hours a week? Is Chavez going to pay for all the revenue that the networks lost while he was transmitting his propaganda at the same time on all radio and TV?

In a moment of particular cynicism, the SENIAT director IRS equivalent Vielma Mora said that the state TV, VTV was also investigated.

Yeah, right I would like to see the amount of that fine Oh, and that declaration was given on VTV only! But little did they know that this blogger monitors VTV.

Tonight I feel tempted to start a new section: Vile Person of the day. The clear winner is CNE president Carrasquero. He piled it up high.

He accused the OAS and the Carter Center to be partial against Chavez. He told them that they could leave or stay but that Venezuela was a sovereign country and would do as it please.

I am sure that this declaration will go down real well. But that was not all. He said he had proof!!!!! We are anxious to see the evidence!!!! And he went on to say that there might be recall elections in spite of the opposition.

It is all the opposition leaders fault now that the people that signed are missing the referendum. Or maybe I have stopped understanding Spanish But these declarations were accompanied by declarations from the two minority members of the CNE.

Yesterday the CNE had announced that they were to obey the ruling of the Electoral Court. But this morning Carrasquero took upon himself to have the CNE sue for autonomy of power.

This legal maneuvering that will cost money to the CNE was not decided in reunion! The two minority directors of course voiced the possible legal implications of Carrasquero acting on his own.

Let's see how many lies, distortions and plain punishable misdeeds we can count on Mr. Carrasquero actions since early this week.

As a side comment. A couple of days ago I was commenting on the puffed face of CNE director Rodriguez. Well, he was hospitalized today for hypertension.

Once again this blogger shows himself to be a keen observer of the big and little news. This probably explains why Carrasquero did not dare to convoke a meeting today since he would not have been able to have the lawsuit initiative approved.

Another piece of news was the revelation that the famous ruling of the Constitutional Court that started this whole chaos, the supposedly illegal but then legal ruling, well, it does not exist in the dossier of the case!

It has not been registered! Gerardo Blyde, a notorious representative from Primero Justicia, a doggedly good lawyer apparently, was able to force his way as a plaintiff to the constitutional case and found out that there is no ruling on paper against the Electoral Court, and thus there is no case.

At least on paper. Is there deliberate misdeed in the Constitutional Court? The Electoral Court, probably still waiting for that ruling decided that it would not surrender its electoral dossier to the constitutional Court, stating a now open and verbal defiance to the Constitutional Court.

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Three Galleries And Then The Latest Casino – صنایع چوبی ایران


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